Rewind Cyborg

This project was part of a brief from the company Rewind where we do a project for the MA Games Art and Design here at Hertfordshire. For the brief I was required to create a mech pilot for provided concept art. My goal was to create a "human" cyborg. Online we see alot of sci-fi stuff, while it is always very pretty to look at, I get annoyed by the fact that there is so much "lifeless" sci fi stuff. I had four weeks to create this. On and off I used most of those days for the character, one for creating the environment, one for the gun and one for presenting etc. The character has 60k triangles, the weapon 10k, and the environment around 1k per beam and 5k per wall part. The character has four materials: 4k Albedo, normals and ORM for the helmet, the body and the legs. Then a 512 material for the animated eye with illumination.

Rewind Short

Marleen vijgen 02 cyborg beautyshot
Marleen vijgen 03 cyborg beautyshot 01
Marleen vijgen ezgif com video to gif 13
Marleen vijgen 06 cyborg posedturnaround
Marleen vijgen 12 cyborg highpoly
Marleen vijgen 07 cyborg notposed
Marleen vijgen 08 cyborg wireframe
Marleen vijgen 09 cyborg weapon
Marleen vijgen 13 cyborg maps 01
Marleen vijgen screenshots 0003 layer 19
Marleen vijgen screenshots 0004 layer 18
Marleen vijgen screenshots 0005 layer 17
Marleen vijgen screenshots 0009 layer 13
Marleen vijgen screenshots 0010 layer 12
Marleen vijgen screenshots 0007 layer 15
Marleen vijgen screenshots 0008 layer 14
Marleen vijgen concept 01
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