Huget | The Lone Guard

Artwork created for Search for a Star contest by Grads in Games 2017/2018. Model created in two weeks. Renders made in UE4

Part of the queens-guard he was. The “invincible” Huget, never defeated in battle and ready to give his life for the queen. That day came too soon. The castle was under siege, soldiers were falling left and right. Huget was the only one standing between the queen and their enemy, when a mysterious knight appeared. A duel, between him and the knight, the winner would flee the kingdom. The invincible Huget, only to be not invincible when it was needed most. Cut down and left to be executed he fled with the Queen, hoping to find allies. He now travels around the kingdom, cutting down enemy generals one by one and rallying allies to take back their kingdom.

Marleen vijgen screenshot 01a
Marleen vijgen screenshot 02a
Marleen vijgen screenshot 03a
Marleen vijgen screenshot 04a
Marleen vijgen wip 01