Queen of Birth

This model was made for the Beyond Human challenge. I was inspired by the concept art by Geraud Soulie. His art was at the time the perfect style that I wanted to try out. I made this in my summer vacation as a challenge for myself.
The model took me around 2 months to create, working on it on and off. The total tri-count is 80.000, with three 2k maps; One for cloth / metal, one for the skin / hair and one for the base.

View the submission page here: https://www.artstation.com/contests/beyond-human/challenges/24/submissions/21027

Original concept by Geraud Soulie:

Marleen vijgen shot 08b
Marleen vijgen gif 02
Marleen vijgen queen posedturnaround
Marleen vijgen shot 02b
Marleen vijgen shot 03b
Marleen vijgen queen highpoly
Marleen vijgen shot 07a
Marleen vijgen gif 01