This was my second project for my MA at Hertfordshire. The brief was very broad, it was mostly focusing on teaching yourself new skills. I decided to make a "zombie" shaman that could be used in for example a MOBA. The main goal for me here was to learn how to use 3DCoat. I saw people use it for both stylistic and realistic textures and I wanted to try that as well.

I spend roughly a week on the research beforehand; like doing tutorials and such. And another two weeks on creating the actual model and textures. The final model was 19.000 tris with one 2k material with gloss, albedo, illumination, metalness, ao and normal. The Shaman was posed using zBrush zSphere rigging.

Marleen vijgen screenshot004
Marleen vijgen end 01
Marleen vijgen ezgif com optimize 11
Marleen vijgen screenshot008
Marleen vijgen shaman posedturnaround
Marleen vijgen shaman notposed
Marleen vijgen shaman wireframe
Marleen vijgen wip 03
Marleen vijgen wip 01