Queen of Birth

This piece was created for the Artstation Beyond Human challenge. I chose the concept “Queen of Birth” by Geraud Soulie. I chose it because it fits my style, capabilities and I liked the design a lot. My goal was to follow the concept, but not perfectly, to give it a bit of my own style. I was following my normal process, but meanwhile I searched for tutorials for every stage to optimize my workflow. From the beginning I knew I wanted to make this a PBR model, because I wanted to try out how to combine handpainting and PBR rendering metals. I first cut up the concept art into these different materials, these also helped me understand how I should use zBrush to make the different parts of the model. Sometimes I did an overpaint to help myself to understand the shapes better. For example, the folds in the pants were not really clear to me. I did an overpaint and understood how to make the folds that were a challenge to me before.

Marleen vijgen shot 08b

After the highpoly was finished I began on the lowpoly. First I made a lowpoly that was around 30k triangles, but we had a limit of 100k triangles.

Marleen vijgen screenshot078c

So after I was happy with the lowpoly I actually subdivided most parts to give them a smoother edge so I could make a better render and ended up with 71k triangles.

Marleen vijgen screenshot078d

In the end I chose for a really easy set-up with a couple of lights and a very light fog around the character, because I wanted the character to be the only focus.

Marleen vijgen screenshot078e

Used Software: zBrush, Topogun, xNormal, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Marmoset Toolbag 3

Marleen vijgen gif 02

Queen of Birth

Marleen vijgen shot 02b
Marleen vijgen shot 03b
Marleen vijgen shot 06b
Marleen vijgen geraud soulie

The original concept by Geraud Soulie

Marleen vijgen research 00
Marleen vijgen research 04
Marleen vijgen wip 12
Marleen vijgen wip 19
Marleen vijgen shot 07b
Marleen vijgen gif 01