Traditional Dutch Girl

This project was my first try to make a realistic character, because I felt like I was too much focusing on stylised art in my portfolio. I chose to recreate a traditional Dutch girl, with the traditional Dutch costume.
There were a couple of things that I focused on in this piece. The first weeks of the project I spend on learning Marvelous Designer, after that it was realistic sculpting of anatomy with usage of photogrammetry as well as TexturingXYZ alpha's that helped me. Most of my projects I spend hand-painting, but for this one I also used photo's, combined with painting by hand. All in all this was a transition project find out the differences in work-style for stylised vs. realistic.

I spend two weeks on the research for the project; finding out how Marvelous works, creating a concept etc. I spend another 3.5 weeks on and off on the high- and lowpoly.

Marleen vijgen end 05a

Traditional Dutch Turntable

Marleen vijgen end 06a
Marleen vijgen dutch notposed
Marleen vijgen dutch wireframe
Marleen vijgen dutch highpoly